Corporate Massage and Education

At The SMART Centre, we strive in supplying quality massage therapy and education sessions to workplaces through our corporate based service.

Did you know:

  • 1 in 7 Australians suffer from back pain and some of that back pain can be attributed to poor posture at work.

  • Massage has shown to have a positive affect on managing and treating headaches especially caused by poor posture and work habits.

  • Massage can reduced stress levels which in turn can reduce staff absenteeism

Through experience, our principle therapist Vince has developed a thorough understanding of the requirements needed to optimize treatment for all clients that work long hours behind a desk and screen.

At your workplace you have the choice of a number of services:

  • Seated or Table Massage Therapy for 15-20 mins which includes guidance and stretching advice
  • Group education session on workplace ergonomics and common postural imbalances relating to office workers
  • Group education sessions on the benefits of managing those aches and pains through self manual therapy and stretching

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